RyMat Inc
Stuart Silverman
CEO & Founder

RyMat Inc.

Solution Provider to the Pharmaceutical Industry

RyMat Inc. provides state of the art sources for custom fermentation for Biologics and Cytotoxics from strain development to commercial manufacturing, ISO and cGMP certified facilities in Europe and North America. 


Peptide and Protein Expression (multiple expression systems)

Virus Production

mAb Development and Production

Vaccines and Virus-like Particles

Cell-based Therapies

Bacteriophage Services

Mammalian cell culture (up to 200L)

Bacterial cell culture (up to 150,000L)

Downstream Processing of Proteins

Macrolides and Peptide Synthesis


Semi-synthetics and natural products

Extensive glove-box capabilities

From grams to 100s of kilograms