RyMat Inc
Stuart Silverman
CEO & Founder

RyMat Inc.

Solution Provider to the Pharmaceutical Industry

DavosPharma offers a full palette of development and custom manufacturing services. We share your risk by billing for deliverables, not ‘best efforts,’ thereby providing an additional level of assurance and oversight between you and your supplier.

Our Deliverables include:

Discovery Chemistry and Biology

Organic Synthesis, Fermentation and Purification

Biologics & Gene Therapy: Therapeutic Antibodies, Conjugates, Proteins, Peptides and Plasmids / Viral Vector for Gene Therapy

Analytical Method Development

Non-GLP and GLP Toxicology

Pre-Formulation Studies

Formulation Development

Dosage Form Mfg

Bulk Packaging

Analytical Development


Milling and Microionization

Liposomal Products

Liquid and Semi Solids

Parenteral Products

     Liquid Fill


Solid Dosage Forms

     Capsule and Tablet

Process Research, Development, and Industrialization


     Dosage Form

Manufacturing under ISO and cGMP Quality Systems

     Process development and scale-up

     Commercial scale manufacture